Member Directory

The Member Directory

The Gold Collective Member Directory is a premium publication printed locally and published twice a year—Spring/Summer in April and Fall/Winter in October. The Directory includes stunning photography and professional editorial.

The Directory provides our members with a platform to share their stories and philosophies and showcases the Collective to our audience of Bay Area–based consumers. Gold Collective’s audience is a sophisticated, discerning group that supports local cultural and philanthropic institutions and appreciates high-quality goods and services.

The Directory is distributed at select events including San Francisco Decorator Showcase and The San Francisco Fall Art & Antiques Show, and is also available at select newsstands including Heath Newsstand, Juicy News, and Smoke Signals in San Francisco, Marin Country Mart Trading Post in Larkspur, and Issues in Oakland.


Katja Ollendorff

At once bold and lighthearted, Katja Ollendorff’s patterns have stylistic origins in Scandinavia. The San Francisco designer spent part of her childhood in Helsinki—birthplace of Marimekko, the design house famous for its fearless use of form and color. “I really responded to that kind of vibrancy and still do to this day,” says the artist, who started her career in advertising as a project manager, pivoting to art and design because she wanted to be “the person doing the creating.” Following the epiphany, Ollendorff became a student of the Institute of Textile Print Design in Berkeley, ensconcing herself in a supportive community of inspiring artists.

Member Directory
Member Directory


Heath Ceramics

Since its storied brand revival 15 years ago, Heath Ceramics has become a touchstone of the modern craft renaissance. The iconic California-based factory—known for tiles and tableware of timeless, organic beauty—has expanded to offer other products with the same sensibility, including flatware and the captivating wallpaper designs we proudly feature throughout this book.

Member Directory