San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Jenny Bittner Borden

Benefitting San Francisco University High School

The San Francisco Decorator Showcase, which transforms a magnificent Bay Area home each year with unbridled interior design from the region’s top firms and emerging talents, has become the local design industry’s premier happening. Its story began in the late 70s, when design-minded members of San Francisco University High School’s parents’ association conceived a way to raise funds for the school’s financial aid program. Since then, the event has raised more than $17 million for student aid. Jenny Bittner Borden, operations director of the popular showcase, says, “It’s a joy to give talented designers free rein while enabling better futures for local students.”

Jenny Bittner Borden

"We’re honored to galvanize San Francisco’s supportive design community for this extraordinary cause."

— Jenny Bittner Borden