The name Gold Collective is inspired by the California Gold Rush pioneers whose entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit helped build the foundation for a new San Francisco.

Member Industries

Get to know the members who are breaking ground across a dynamic cross-section of industries in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Through Gold Collective I have gained an amazing group of referral sources and even better, a cherished group of friends I would never have met on a social level outside of Gold Collective. I have been blessed with the opportunity to support several charities I would not have known about while celebrating with fellow members.
Jennifer Bowman, Bowman Real Estate Group
I’ve been honored to be a member of Gold Collective and have found it’s members to be true leaders who are passionate about building a better San Francisco. Through the Gold Collective I’ve made valuable connections and real friends. As a non-profit leader, I know that making social change starts with building community. Cherie Slane and the members of the Gold Collective get that and have created a community that inspires hope for a brighter future.
Bart Magee, Access Institute for Psychological Services
With the Gold Collective, Cherie offers something more than the typical membership in a professional network because of her passion and her caring about people. She cares that transactions be a two-way street and creates wins for all involved be they a business, a consumer or the community in general. I knew right away that being a Gold Collective member was something that fit and would be good for us.
Thelma Garza, San Francisco Decorator Showcase
Cherie Slane is a people person through and through, a champion for meaningful connection and about as joyful as they come. Her careful selection of organizations and people from unique industries has built a community of diverse and flourishing businesses excited to promote, strengthen and enjoy one another. It is such an honor to be a part of Gold Collective and participate in her creation.
Mead Quin, Mead Quin Interior Design
What we love most about joining the Gold Collective has been the opportunity to collaborate with founder Cherie Slane, the consummate super-connector. Her networking events foster the start of authentic relationships among members and their guests.
Jonathan Nicolas, Pettinelli Financial Partners
Gold Collective is a great group of people that genuinely care about each other, their businesses, and their community. We meet great people, and the events are always a good time!
Brad Hayes, Upscale Construction

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An artful keepsake that goes beyond a member directory, the book includes thoughtful editorial and photography centered around the ethos and accomplishments of the Collective’s members.

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